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Ten Random Things


Type: Gen.

Warnings: None really.

Rating: PG-13.

Characters: Bellatrix, Andromeda, Lucius, Narcissa, Sirius, James, Regulus.

Pairings: Mention of various.

Time: N.A.

Disclaimer: Ms. Rowling owns all recognisable characters and plot-points. This is being done for pleasure, not profit.

Ten Random Things


Bellatrix Black-Lestrange


  1. She likes kittens. They mew loudly when being gutted.
  2. James is the only one of her male cousins she hasn’t slept with.
  3. Her favourite subject in school was History of Magic. Traditions are all important.
  4. The first Muggle she kills is an eight-year-old girl.
  5. Rodolphus is not her parents’ first choice for a husband. She persuades their candidate.
  6. Her favourite colour is white.
  7. Andromeda breaks her heart when she gets married to a Mudblood. She wishes she had killed Meda’s daughter.
  8. The Dark Lord terrifies her. It’s the only reason she hasn’t plunged a stiletto in his spine yet.
  9. She hates Azkaban, Severus, Muggles and Fenrir Greyback, in no particular order.
  10. She is disappointed when Sirius dies so painlessly.


Andromeda Black-Tonks


1.      She doesn’t marry Ted as an act of defiance.

2.      Regulus dies in the alley beside her apartment-building. She isn’t allowed to see him buried.

3.      The first anti-Black bigot she meets is the mother of one of Dora’s classmates at Spellchantments Primary School. She’s still not sure what she thinks about the woman.

4.      She never has liked Peter. He is too servile for it to be genuine.

5.      She has lunch with Cissa every week. They’re both on the committees of half-a-dozen clubs and societies.

6.      She doesn’t want Dora to become an Auror—can’t forget about Frank and Alice.

7.      She used to have a crush on Gideon Prewett, once upon a lifetime ago.

8.      She has lost to Voldemort, over the years, ten of the people who made up her world. She can still smile.

9.      She misses her vague, brow-beaten father every single day.

10. She approves, though not whole-heartedly, of Remus John Lupin.


Lucius Malfoy


  1. He proposes to Cissa when they are both eighteen, complete with flowers and fireworks, though, by then, they have been betrothed for twelve years.
  2. He does not know whether Harry is going to win the war, but is sure his life won’t be worth living if the boy doesn’t.
  3. Two hundred and seventeen. That’s the number of Muggles and Muggleborns he has killed or helped kill, a dozen of them less than five years old.
  4. He wonders whether he has been too lax in raising Draco.
  5. He has only ever bedded two women.
  6. His mother died when he nine. It is one of the two times he ever shed tears in front of anyone.
  7. He finds Severus’ monkishness intriguing—surely, whoever she was, she cannot have been that incomparable?
  8. He loves Sirius.
  9. He has scars across his back – reminders of the only time he defied his father.
  10. He hates Azkaban – the jailers remind him of Bella.


Narcissa Black-Malfoy


  1. She hates being a blonde. It makes her look fragile and waif-like.
  2. She buys Sirius his bike.
  3. Her favourite flowers are most emphatically not narcissi.
  4.  Draco should have been the second of three children.
  5. Her greatest fear is dying alone.
  6. She doesn’t know whether her son is alive.
  7. She buys wedding rings for Draco when he turns sixteen.
  8. She still loves Lucius.
  9. Her victims are dispatched the Muggle way, stabbed at the base of the skull. Wand murders can be traced back to the killer.
  10. She knows they backed the wrong horse, this time ‘round.


Sirius Black


  1. His eyes are grey. Not silver, not steely, not dove, not stormy, not like moonlight through clouds. Grey.
  2. He misses his brother.
  3. The first time he holds Harry, he wants to crush the baby’s soft skull.
  4. The Sorting Hat, to his terror, takes less than ten seconds to pronounce him a Gryffindor.
  5. He finds it odd, at thirty-five, to suddenly gain a son and daughter in their teens.
  6. He hates Molly for thinking he confuses Harry and James. Hates her more for what she doesn’t even know she implies.
  7. During her twenty-four hour labour, he is almost as scared of losing Lily as James is.
  8. He isn’t sure who he hates more – Voldemort or Dumbledore.
  9. He runs away from home because of Remus – half-blood, half-breed, filthy, disgusting, sarcastic, intelligent, shy, wonderful Remus.
  10. As he falls through the Veil, he realises he doesn’t want to die, because even if death means an eternity with James, it means leaving his boy fatherless a second time.


James Potter


  1. He tries out for Chaser because Lucius informs him, with absolute sincerity, that he’s never going to be chosen.
  2. He is chosen to be Head-Boy because Remus cannot be.
  3. When he is not-quite-twelve, he wonders whether Lucius and Sirius are having sex. When he finds out the truth, he decides he prefers the lie.
  4. He breaks his arm trying to pull Regulus up from a ditch Sirius pushes him into to ‘test his courage’.
  5. He is surprised, and not too pleasantly, when Sirius starts calling Lily Guinevere in earnest, instead of as a bad joke.
  6. Nobody ever bothers to tell him that he is bonded to Sirius. He finds out only when the bonds break and then he is bonded to Lily within two minutes. He never forgives any of them for taking away his choice.
  7. The night he first sleeps with Lily, he comes back to the dorm to find Sirius sleeping in his bed.
  8. He asks Lily out for the first time in third year, and falls in love with her five minutes later when she makes him sprout tentacles.
  9. He has never asked Sirius why he told Snivellus to go to the Shrieking Shack.
  10. He’s afraid they will all die and Sirius will never stop blaming himself.


Regulus Black


1.      Andromeda is the only one who thinks him at all worthwhile.

2.      The night Sirius runs away, he sits near his brother’s room, bags packed, ready to accompany him. But Sirius takes off for Godric’s Hollow without even a backward glance.

3.      His mother loves him. She shows him off to all her friends, introduces him as “My son. My only son.” But that just means he’s a poor substitute for Sirius, doesn’t it?

4.      After Dorea dies, nobody asks him how he is. They forget that she brought him up as well; for all that he hasn’t seen her for more than two years.

5.      He never ever gets detention.

6.      When he goes to James’ wedding reception, Sirius spends half the evening ignoring him and the other half pretending they’ve never been apart. He has never loved his brother more.

7.      Just before Sirius leaves, they sneak off on a Hogsmeade weekend to see Andromeda. That is the last time they spent some hours together, alone.

8.      The first time he attends a Death-Eater meeting, he finds himself facing a pair of narrowed grey eyes across the circle. As soon as the Dark Lord leaves, Lucius hits him across the face and forcibly drags him to Wiltshire, where Cissa scolds him like the naughty little boy he never was.

9.      He’s good at eavesdropping. Good at being inconspicuous.

10. He hides the Horcrux in the first-floor living-room. He hopes Sirius can find it.



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